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If you've got a minute, I've got your workout!

Fitness essentials you can take to go!

Real talk, real results!

Inspiring stories of incredible people!



  1. BORN + RAISED… Jersey girl! I like to keep it real.

2. I LIVE IN … a bungalow in Venice beach.


3. I NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT …my main man Mister, my dancing Pomeranian!


4. ONE THING I WOULD NEVER EAT IS … whale! When I was on tour in South Korea some friends tried it as a delicacy but I wouldn’t dare eat this endangered species.


5. MY GUILTY PLEASURE IS… a slice of NY pizza and French fries. Not necessarily in one sitting, but I’d be lying if I said it has happened!

6. THREE THINGS YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND IN MY KITCHEN … coffee, coconut oil and asparagus.


7. THE SONG THAT PUMPS ME UP IS… Tiny Dancer by Elton John -- a timeless classic!


8. MY SPIRIT ANIMAL IS… Richard Simmons! From his fun, all inclusive approach to health and fitness, all the way down to his infectious personality and colorful style. He blazed a trail and I’m here to make sure his legacy lives on!

9. MY MOST MEMORABLE JOB EXPERIENCE WAS… filming the Muppets movie with some of the best in the biz at the iconic Kodak Theater. With more than 100 dancers on set, Miss Piggy was by far the highest maintenance. She had about 8 people running in between takes to touch up her hair and make-up … such a diva!


10. A FUN FACT ABOUT ME... I can do the worm! Click HERE for proof.




From fine-tuning my technique for a classic Broadway revival, to testing my turf skills for an artist’s world tour, I’ve trained, created + performed virtually every existing style + genre of dance -- I’ve even created some of my own!


I’ve spent my life testing endless fitness fads, products + techniques so you don’t have to. I’ll reveal the truths + the busts, while bringing you tips, workouts + products that fit you without disrupting your life!

There's actually a chance we’ve already met. I’ve been dancing, acting + stunting my way into some of your favorite shows + movies for 15+ years (instant replay those action + fight scenes!) I may even be responsible for a late night impulse buy during my early days as an instructional fitness model!

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